boo's cottage birthday party

What an awesome time we had at my sister's cottage for Isabella's birthday on Monday. It was warm, sunny and there was lotsa booze (apple juice for the kids of course) and food (thanks to all for pitching in). Good times were had and Isabella was so excited that it was her day. And now, the day in photos:

the birthday girl

the kids and my dad, playing in the sand...hours of fun

Isabella and her cousin Gia snacking on chips and salsa

'Nonna' (my mom), Gia and Simon playing
my mom trying to get Gia to sleep

Simon and Zio Jeff swimming (standing) at the end of the dock. gotta love shallow water.

Simon driving Gia's car...in the water...and loving it

my dad and Isabella swimming in the lake

it never fails - every time Simon goes for a ride in the paddle boat, he falls asleep. he slept for a good half hour.
we had some guests swim on over.
oh so serious Gia

the kids paying on the play structure...before we noticed the wasps nest at the top of it - EEK!

Isabella getting help from Nonna to read her birthday card

make your own bracelets!

a doll with an oversized head!

dress-up stuff!
blowing out the candles on the super delicious cake (from Top of the Hill bakery)

last but not least - my sister's and I and our Nonna tattoos - in memory of our grandmother who we miss every day (from left to right: Jen, me, Kim)


  1. Oh, it looks like a wonderful time! I'm so glad.

    Look how dark Isabella's hair is getting! Gabe's is doing the same thing.

  2. The kids had such a good time. They always have fun at the cottage. And it saddens me that Isabella's hair is getting so dark...

  3. I feel the same way about Gabe's. :-(



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