what a week it's been...

  • it started with a holiday long weekend and Isabella's 6th birthday party
  • mid week we had the second part of Simon's assessment by a developmental pediatrician at the children's hospital where we were told that he has DCD (see previous post) and a slew of upcoming appointments with specialists
  • as we were coming from Simon's appointment at the hospital, we almost got rear ended by a drunk driver so we followed the guy until the cops could stop him. We had to give statements to the police, etc. (Simon was thrilled to see all the cop cars and the ambulance with their lights on)
  • I've been having an allergic reaction of some sort to my new tattoo and it is driving me crazy
  • Pablo has been vomiting alot the last 3 weeks or so (diarrhea too) so yesterday I left work early so that he could go to a clinic
  • after 4 hours at the clinic and many tests, they said they wanted Pablo to go to the hospital so I took Pablo to the hospital where he spent the night (I came home to get the kids to bed)
  • still waiting to hear what the hell is wrong because the specialists don't start their shift till 8am this morning
  • I totally forgot to publish my fashion post yesterday due to all the chaos and i didn't sleep much

  • three words: HAZMAT, quarantine, viral. Specialists might not be in till Monday...
  • Simon just projectile vomitted his breakfast (unfortunately, we had berries with our breakfast and off-white carpet where the incident occurred) 
  • Pablo is now home. The specialist wants to see him in two weeks or so. No real answers as to what is wrong besides it being something viral. 
  • Simon has a bit of a fever but no more vomiting so far (fingers crossed). He had about an hour nap.
  • It's now Sunday morning and Simon appeared to be doing okay. A bit of a fever late Saturday night but nothing else. Fed him some breakfast this morning but he didn't even get half way through breakfast. Luckily I grabbed a big bowl just in time. My stomach has been upset since last night...
  • Sunday night sucked. Pablo puked then Isabella woke up cause her stomach hurt and she wet the bed (through her diaper), then Simon puked to finish it all off at 3:30 am. Simon also puked again this morning (Monday) so needless to say, I didn't make it into work today. 
  • It's Monday night and Simon had a nice long nap this afternoon. He ate a big dinner and so far has kept it down! Phew! Pablo still feels pretty crappy.


  1. Hi Julia, if it rains it pours! Lots of love coming you way? You are pne hell of a beautiful mothervand wife. Xx

  2. What a horrible week!! I'm surprised you're not curled up in a ball surrounded by chocolate wrappers, I know I would be! :P
    I hope Pablo just has a gastro bug and there's nothing seriously wrong.
    I'm sorry about Simon, at least you have some answers and can now plan for the future. Children are amazing creatures, they're super adaptive and I'm sure with a lot of encouragement and support he'll get everything down pat soon. I saw something about dyspraxia the other week on Embarrassing Bodies, apparently a lot of people have it and don't know. Obviously not as severe as Simon. I know nothing I or anyone says is going to make it all better but I hope the support helps! And I hope next week is a hundred million times better than this one!!

  3. Thanks Roberta!

    And thank you Morgan! I'm looking forward to Simon starting therapy and seeing him overcome all this.

  4. AARGH!!! I'll bet it's hot as hell there too. Raining, pouring. I'm thinking about you guys and sending good, healing thoughts your way. And some energy. You need it!

    Hang in there, sweetie!

  5. It's been so freaking humid and dry here. Into the 100's with the humidity - ie. it's 6:30 PM and it's 104 out. Our grass (what little we have) is dead.

    Pablo went to the hospital again on Tuesday and they ended up doing a colonoscopy to check for colon cancer. We'll know the results this week. Simon still isn't eating much these days but at least the vomiting has stopped. Pablo still feels like crap too. Tuesday we have a two hour appointment at the children's hospital to fill out forms for Simon...

  6. Oh geez. I just made some cantaloupe sorbet and I'd bring some up there for you guys if I could. Try and hang in there. I know there's just so much going on it's crazy and the heat totally doesn't help. Get some rest tomorrow!

  7. cantaloupe sorbet ?!?!?! OMG that sounds absolutely DELISH. Today it finally cooled down - a welcome break from the freaking humidity we've been getting.

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