pacemaker surgery complete!

Pablo had his bladder pacemaker surgery yesterday. It was very successful and seems to be working well so far. And get this - it comes with a remote! Pretty obvious we knew nothing about pacemakers before this. Here is a photo of the remote:

Right after surgery, when Pablo was in recovery, the pacemaker was programmed by a technician. Now with the remote, Pablo can turn off the pacemaker, or raise or lower the voltage. Some interesting pacemaker facts we learned: those security gates at entrances to stores - they can give Pablo a jolt when he goes through them so this would be an ideal time to turn off the pacemaker. Also, airport security wands should not be placed over the area of his lower back where the pacemaker is. MRIs and pacemakers don't mix. This is really not good as Pablo needs to get MRIs every 6 months to make sure his brain tumour hasn't returned. Not sure what we're going to do about this little bit of news....

We were given some reading material and a video to watch regarding the 'InterStim Therapy System'. The neurostimulator is powered by a battery and with time, the battery will deplete. Eventually, it will need to be surgically replaced. It'll take about 4 weeks after surgery for Pablo to resume regular movement. Right now, he needs to avoid bending, twisting, bouncing or stretching or the lead wire will get dislodged. He's really uncomfortable right now and can barely sit down but he does have lots of pain meds to help with that.

Pablo woke up this morning with a strange rash that starts at the middle of his back and goes halfway down his legs. Pablo has never had this sort of reaction after any surgery he's had...and he's had MANY. I took him to a clinic this morning and they had never seen anything like it before and they assumed that it is an allergic reaction - possibly to the iodine that was used to clean the area. If it is still visible after a week, we are to go back to the clinic.

Pablo has a follow-up appointment in 6 weeks with the surgeon and the pacemaker technician and any adjustments to the programming can be made then. 


  1. yikes! I hope the rash isn't serious. glad everything went ok!

  2. What you guys go through is insane. I'm totally in awe of your amazingness to keep it real and get on with stuff. You are all totally and utterly wonderful positive role models. Just thought you might need to hear that from time to time. x


  3. The rash is still there but he doesn't even notice it...Thanks Hollie!

    Tracey - thanks so much - you're so sweet! I do love to hear it because it helps me to stay positive during the tough moments/days. :)

  4. I was goint to write the same as Tracey... We all know anything can happen to anyone's health at anytime, but we do not know how we would react. I wish I could be half as positive as you are.
    And I love the rest of your blog and what you did in your daughter's room.
    Cheers from France to Pablo and the rest of the family.

  5. I'm SO glad that the surgery went well. Well and over is definitely good. I know it's always something but you're doing a marvelous job and you have a wonderful family. Hang in there sweetie!

    (Gabe is finally in school every day--it's been an interesting and busy transition which I'm sure you can relate to!)

  6. Sorry I took so long to respond Lor! Thank you so much for your kind words! All the best to you and your family.

    Collette - I love you. YAY for Gabe! I hope he loves it as much as Isabella does.



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