my dream home

I'm back! Life has been insane with doctor's visits, working from home and just wishing for some good news for a change. Pablo is doing much better and is almost back to his old self. The only side effects I can see from the mini-stroke (or whatever they want to call it) is some stuttering but that's it! What a relief! I posted as final update on the last post and any new updates I'll post in new posts.

And now back to holiday preparations and I'm so very happy to say that I think we are done our Christmas shopping! I did about 85% online so here's to speedy shipping and nothing getting lost in transit...

Found this house and fell in love. Not even a kids room in this post but a very post worthy home either way. Enjoy and it's good to be back.

envelope a+d

The outside of this house is TO DIE FOR - the black is absolutely stunning. I can picture kids in this house too. Oh what a fun family home this would be.

Looking for a new garage door?


  1. LOL - i blogged this place in April '09.

  2. Leave it to your sister to rub it in, huh? ;-D

    This is such good news. But it sounds exhausting. Try and get some rest.

    I love that front door. And those bathrooms! Sigh. Totally jealous.

  3. I really hope everything is going better for Pablo and your family!!!
    The house is really amazing!

  4. Great news, just in time for the holiday season... Great house, too! Try and have fun now!!

  5. Glad everything is ok and hope it continues to be. Nice to have you back posting.

  6. Phew.
    Crisis averted.
    Onward and upward.



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