Simon update

It seems like Simon has more medical appointments than Pablo lately - and that is hard to beat. I figured it was time for an update on Simon since it's been awhile since I last posted about his developmental issues.

Simon had a few sessions of physical therapy before Christmas but since his low muscle tone can't be 'fixed', there is no need for him to continue with physical therapy. We did get some good advice on things to do with him to improve ie. walking on curbs to improve balance, walking up and down hills to improve strength, have him sit in a chair as opposed to sitting on the floor to prevent him from being slouched over. The physical therapist said that what Simon needs now is occupational therapy.

We've been on a waiting list for Simon to be seen by an occupational therapist since July 12th. We just got a call that there was a cancellation so Simon's first occupational therapy appointment is on Jan 22. Can't wait because this is what he has needed the most - and to prepare him to start school this coming September.

Simon has also been on a waiting list for speech therapy since July 12th. He had his first appointment this past Tuesday. It was a 1.5 hour assessment. We have to go back this Tuesday for the second part of the assessment. Simon sat at a desk and answered questions from the speech therapist for over an hour without moving or getting restless. We were all amazed. Most kids can't sit still that long and I didn't think Simon had it in him to do it (he never sits still that long at home). I think he liked the intellectual stimulation - it was like being at school. The speech therapist is going to start seeing Simon regularly after the assessment - she agreed that he does need help with his speech. He's got the vocabulary but he mainly needs to work on the clarity of his speech.

We have an appointment next Friday at Isabella's school - where Simon will be starting kindergarten in September. We want to give them the assessment that we have from the developmental pediatrician and discuss the options for Simon for kindergarten. This should be an interesting meeting. I have a lot to say and I want to make sure that the proper help is given to Simon when he starts school.

Lastly, Simon starts preschool this week. It is 2 mornings a week for 2 hours for the next few months. He is so excited to go to school and to make new friends. I'm so excited (and nervous) for him.

I'll have lots more updates as the appointments get going. I'm just glad that the wait for these appointments is over and Simon can get the help that he needs.


  1. I'm so glad for you that he's getting the help he needs after waiting so long for those appointments. Seems like he's making good progress!

  2. I am not surprised that you had to wait so long for Simon to get any help. Our grandson is also on a waiting list for help with his speech. Riley has the vocabulary..... just difficult for most people to understand him. That preemie thing.
    Best of luck with it all. So pleased to see that Simon is heading off to preschool. Riley loved it and now he is in JK all day everyday and he is blossoming.We where not sure how it would go as he was only 3 when he started.
    Love your blog. Your content is always interesting and stimulating. Thank you.

  3. Pre-school is a great way to make progress for kids with special needs (as I saw from reading "Me and we"'s blog). I am sure he will improve fast and make you proud!

  4. We are in the same boat with our almost 3 year old(March). I think the occupational therapy has been the most affective and he LOVES it. Our son has made a lot of progress in the speach department and it's amazing to watch. He started school last week to help with speech and he is going 4 half days a week, does speech 1/2 per week, and OC one hour every other week. We discovered a new level of tired and grumpy for him this past weekend. From his dad's side I'm sure ;)

  5. Thanks Jodi Ann!

    Cathy - Simon is loving preschool. We were worried since it is all in french (the english one was full) but he came home today and he was singing a french song! He loves the socialization and is doing great so far. Simon too has the vocabulary and we should be hearing soon from the speech therapist once she tabulates her assessment and determines which areas she needs to focus on with Simon.

    Lor - he just loves preschool and talks about it all the time. YAY!

    LindO - good to hear! I am so excited for Simon to start OT. Tomorrow morning is our first session where they will do an assessment and we'll see from there... your last comment made me laugh.



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