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Lately, I spend most Sundays in the kitchen. This past Sunday was no different. It started with crepes and berries for breakfast, then I made peanut butter, banana & honey muffins and white trash bars. I wouldn't normally make something using peanut butter because the kids can't take it to school but since it's march break this week, I figured now is a good time to use peanut butter (which we all love). The white trash bars I pinned a few weeks ago and have been dying to make them. Here are some photos I took of the finished products:

recipe from cookin' canuck
recipe from cookies & cups. Mine look way more moist than they should - too much sweetened condensed milk - OH WELL. Hopefully they'll harden up after refrigeration. Store bought vanilla icing on top.

For dinner, I made orange-balsamic chicken with asparagus, snow peas and polenta. It was supposed to be green beans but our grocery store was out. Snow peas were close enough for me. I had to make the kids and Pablo mashed potatoes because they aren't fans of polenta. I LOVE polenta and unfortunately, hardly ever make it. It all turned out pretty good but needless to say, I was unable to take the time to plate it nicely and take pics so here is a pic from the link above of the finished dish:

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