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This week was insane (as are most weeks around here). On Wednesday, Pablo had an appointment in Toronto for his pacemaker. It hasn't been working quite right for the last few weeks. Thankfully, all that was needed was some fine tuning by a pacemaker technician and it's as good as new. Pablo was worried that it needed surgery to fix. I took Wednesday off work to look after the kiddos and that broke up the week nicely. Isabella wasn't feeling well Thursday so she stayed home from school and Friday was a PD day so again, no school. I spent alot of time this week figuring out some redecorating details for our house which I hope to blog within the next few weeks....just need to find some spare time...

Anyway, I did cook a few meals this week. The first being this yummy beef with broccoli:

beef with broccoli - rainy day gal
It was yummy but definitely use low sodium soy sauce. I had regular soy sauce and added more sugar but it was still a bit too salty.

Next I made oven baked chicken fajitas.Fajitas are Isabella's favourite meal - one that she is guaranteed to eat whenever I make it. I had never made them in the oven and this turned out great. A little runny due to the tomato juice from the can but next time, I will just add the tomatoes and not their juice.

oven baked chicken fajitas - real mom kitchen

I made meatloaf Saturday night for dinner. I love meatloaf and have tried many different kinds. This one was a winner - honey barbeque meatloaf. The kids loved it too. I had to make it with mashed potatoes and lately my mashed potatoes are a combination of cauliflower and potatoes and THE KIDS HAVE YET TO NOTICE! WOOHOO! I make sure to add the cauliflower to the pot when they aren't looking...

honey barbeque meatloaf - can you stay for dinner?

For dinner tonight, I am making crockpot korean short rib tacos. The house smells so freaking yummy as this is cooking. Thanks Collette for the recommendation!

crockpot korean short rib tacos - tasty kitchen
UPDATE ON THE PHOTO ABOVE - OMG we just ate this and it was A-MAZING. So amazing that our neighbours tried some too and loved it. Definite keeper and will be made VERY OFTEN. Collette - I love you for recommending this recipe.

I also have some baking to do today. I'm going to make blueberry muffins and mega stuffed oreo s'more magic bars.

blueberry muffins - zoe bakes

mega stuffed oreo s'more magic bars - lauren's latest

I also want to make this pb & j yogurt for my breakfast for work this week (minus the peanuts because I hate peanuts...maybe I'll add raisins):

pb & j yogurt - skinnytaste


  1. Your recipes always make me hungry...!
    Great ideas...

  2. AAARGGH!!!! I responded to you WEEKS ago and my comment got eaten somehow! I can't remember exactly what I said but I'm so glad you like the short ribs. I actually made them again yesterday!

    I'll have to forward some other recipes for the slow cooker. I'm all about laziness lately!

  3. Oh good Lor! :) Thanks you!

    Collette - please send me more recipes! :) You're the best!



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