long overdue changes around the house

Since it looks like we aren't moving any time soon, we've decided that some changes are in order. First of all, we hardly use the main floor - the living and dining room that is, so we are going to make the living/dining room one big living room and the tv that is in our bedroom is going to be moved to this room. In the eat-in kitchen, our table for four will be replaced with our current dining room table and chairs. We are repainting the new living room and the downstairs hall and the hall going upstairs. The wall going up the stairs has never been painted since we moved in, due to the fact that it is 2 stories high and impossible to reach without special equipment. Pablo knows a painter so he is going to come and do the painting for us.

At the top of our staircase, we have a gorgeous boob light (said with major sarcasm). I just want to thank our builder for putting the dumbest, ugliest, cheapest light fixture at the top of the staircase. One that is unreachable. One whose stupid lightbulb burnt out about 4 years ago making it an utterly useless light fixture. On the list of new things we need - a chandelier. One that we can reach to replace the lightbulb when it burns out..

Right now we have a brown faux leather Todd Oldham couch in the living room. This couch is going to find a new home in the basement family room and my parents are selling us their Ikea Karlstad sectional for the new living room (my mom wants a new sectional). I'm excited because I love this sectional and it is big enough to fit all of us. My large teak dining room buffet will also remain but will be moved to the other end of the room, by the window.

Our front hall closet is tiny. A good size for 2 people. Very inadequate for 4 people. The solution? - a Pax Ikea wardrobe for the wall opposite the hall closet.

I think that about sums up the upcoming changes. Now for some photos to explain everything.

The green in the living/dining room (BM's Oregano) will be repainted in Benjamin Moore's Pink Bliss:

My inspiration for going with this colour is the living room below:

sf girl by bay

I just love that pink couch and the overall colour scheme of the room. Then I remembered Nicole's living room:

making it lovely - walls painted in BM's Wild Aster

Wild Aster is a bit darker and a bit more on the taupe side than Pink Bliss. Here is a room I found with Pink Bliss on the walls:

architectural digest via red papaya

And here is the Karlstad sectional we are getting from my parents (with the dark grey colour below):

Ikea's Karlstad sectional

I think this dark grey cover will look great against the wall painted in Pink Bliss.

We also bought 2 LAPPLJUNG RUTA pillows from Ikea to go on the couch:

LAPPLJUNG RUTA cushion cover

And 2 STOCKHOLM cushions:


Here is what our living/dining room looks like currently:

the sectional will be along the far left wall and along the long wall - where the dining room table is now. the tv will be mounted on the wall to the right of the black floor lamp. the teak buffet from the dining room will go along the wall where the couch is.

We're going to paint the main floor hall, stairwell and upstairs hall, Martha Stewarts' Nimbus Cloud:

Martha Stewart - Nimbus Cloud - Home Depot
Couldn't quite find the combination of PAX wardrobe that we are getting so picture the photo below with a dark brown-black frame instead of white:

Ikea PAX wardrobe

Here is the wall where the PAX wardrobe will go:

this wall will be painted the Nimbus Cloud grey

And here is our staircase and the useless light fixture:

walls will be painted the Nimbus Cloud grey

For a chandelier, we got the Modernica Hanging Cigar Lamp from the Modern Shop:

Now we just have to find someone to install the light...

What do you all think about the changes?


  1. Excited to see how this turns out! Sounds awesome :)
    oh, to have such a grand staircase <3

  2. i'm afraid that the gray martha stewart color you picked will end up looking blue on the walls. did you ask how it's mixed...as in only black and white?

  3. i already love how your living/dining space looks right now. the light streaming in is just perfect. can't wait to see how the colours come together, especially the pink!

  4. It looks fantastic, I love the pink, the absolute IT colour at the moment. I laughed at your lightbulb issues, sorry ;). We have the same problem here with a wall that needs painting but 2 stories high etc. etc. so we'll have to have it done but it is quite a sum! Looking forward to these changes!

  5. Joanne - The staircase is pretty much the only thing of interest in our cookie cuter house. That's why we decided it needed a rockin' chandelier and new paint.

    Jen - not sure how it's mixed but form the paint chip, I don't see any blue...

    Amina/Shabana/Lor - thanks! I'm really looking forward to the change from green to pink and lightening up the room.

  6. I can't wait to see. I love that green wall and that wardrobe will look great against it. I think we're going to get Gabe a loft bed which will hopefully keep him in his bed at night. That and a series of chains and locks. ;-D

  7. Love pale pink especially when paired with black. Cant wait to see it finished!

  8. C - Isabella's loft bed doesn't keep her in it unfortunately...chains and locks are next...LOL!

    Olga - pale pink and black/dark grey are my fav!

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