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Hooray for long weekends! No work tomorrow. Gosh I wish all weekends were 3 days...

This past week was a rough one.

We were having issues with our car keys (damn those 'intelligent smart keys'. Intelligent my ass.) so we took our car in to the dealership to get the keys fixed. Turns out our antenna is broken and one of the two keys is completely dead. A new key is around $240 (?!?!?). That was Thursday. I was supposed to pick up the car after work Friday but guess what? They ordered the wrong antenna and now, due to this being a long weekend, we won't get our car back till next Wednesday. UNREAL. And they don't do loaner cars (?!?!?). Thankfully, my parents have a spare car (my dad's winter car) which they were kind enough to drop off. The total bill to fix the antenna and keys is somewhere around $650. Ridiculous.

It's looking like we might have to do the painting of the main floor of our house ourselves. Crap. I have so little free time as it is and work is so busy for the next little while that I might have to do some overtime to catch up. Not sure how this will all get done...

We're really trying to work on potty training Simon. It's a BIG job. Girls are SO much easier...

My younger sister had to put her cat down this week (blogged here). Very sad. The little guy had cancer and meds weren't working. I was so sure our cat was going to go before this guy.

We ended up ordering pizza one night this week, leftovers another night and dinner at my parents' place too...but I did manage to make a few yummy meals:

pineapple pork kebabs

These kebabs were so freaking good. We barely had any leftovers. I am for sure making these again during BBQ season.

grilled chicken pasta in tomato cream sauce - kevin and amanda

I love a tomato cream sauce but jarred tomato sauce made this bland. I wish I would have had some of my mom's tomato sauce... (hint, hint mom!). Not bad though but next time, I need to make it with good tomato sauce.

Started baking today. I'm making chocolate chip cookie brownies and the kids were disappointed in the muffins from last week so this week I'm making blueberry, white chocolate and lime muffins.

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