our new front hall wardrobe

Ever since we moved into our house 6 years ago, the lack of storage has driven me nuts. I am always finding clever ways to store all our things and our front hall was long overdue for a facelift that involved WAY MORE STORAGE. A few months ago, I started looking for storage ideas for the front hall and when I came across the Ikea PAX wardrobe, I was instantly sold. The wardrobe comes in a narrow 14 inch depth which was just perfect for our space. I loved all the options for doors - especially their high gloss sliding doors (Hasvik). We went with a black/brown wardrobe frame to match the floors and here is the outcome:

our new Ikea PAX wardrobe

And here is what the front hall looked like before:

I still need to get baskets for the inside of the wardrobe to have it more organized. I filled it with extra baskets I found around the house and we bought some shoe shelves and clothes rails from Ikea:

We decided that since we were losing the drawers from the table we used to have where the wardrobe is, we needed a little unit beside the front door. Again, from Ikea, we found the Raskog kitchen cart in dark gray was the perfect size for the small space next to the door and perfect for throwing keys, sunglasses, etc:

While I was taking the photos above, I snapped some more shots of the living room:


  1. PAX is the best thing that's ever happened to an organization freak like me! we used them everywhere we could throughout the house, cringing as I type this because we're leaving them all in the move. glad you like yours :)

  2. It looks really great there. I love the living room and it looks great from this angle. I think my favorite is the dark floors and the light walls. (Sounds so simple but you really made it look great.)

  3. Nat - I can't say enough how much I love this wardrobe. It was a pain in the ass to put together but well worth it in the end. When we move, it's staying too.

    Collette - thank you! our house is small so it really needs light walls to open it up and seem bigger. I must admit, dark floors aren't too practical when you have pets/kids/husbands who don't like to sweep, but man, they are dramatic!

  4. I never would have thought of using the pax as hall storage. So clever and looks functional and stylish with your choice of colours and gloss.



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