recipes I've tried this week and happy father's day!

This week was a rough week but it ended on a high. Yesterday we spent the day at my sister's cottage to celebrate father's day. It was a beautiful day - not too hot and not too chilly. The kids had a blast and slept soundly for the hour drive home. Today will be filled with grocery shopping, baking, laundry and cleaning.

I made some really yummy dishes this week, starting with spicy fish taco bowls. I need to make more fish for dinner because I love fish. Pablo doesn't mind it either and we'll try telling the kids it's chicken...

spicy fish taco bowls - pinch of yum

My favourite this week had to be mediterranean chicken kebabs with tzataiki sauce. DELICIOUS!!! I will be making this again.

mediterranean chicken kebabs with tzatziki sauce - comfort of cooking

The next recipe I picked because I had some cans of enchilada sauce that I brought back from Mexico that I wanted to use up. For some reason, it is hard to find enchilada sauce in our local grocery stores. Little did I know that the cans I picked up in Mexico were extra freaking hot. The label was not in English so needless to say, I drank alot of water while eating these and the kids ended up eating cereal...

buffalo chicken enchiladas - the novice chef

For father's day, Pablo requested that I make blueberry bread again. I will happily oblige.

blueberry bread

And my sister brought a cheesecake to the cottage yesterday and it was PHENOMENAL so I am going to make it today too.

cheesecake pie - company's coming

Happy father's day to Pablo and to my dad. You are both awesome father's - thank you for that.

Simon and Pablo, yesterday at the cottage

my dad and the kids last summer at the cottage


  1. The chicken kabobs look great, and I love tzatziki so much I could almost eat it alone. For the enchilada sauce, have you ever tried making your own? It's not much more complicated than tomato sauce and spices. I usually just go to food.com and pick the highest rated recipe for stuff like that.

  2. I love all the food pics, but my favorite is your husband and son sitting in front of the lake! Looks like a perfect day! Thanks, for

  3. Happy belated father's day!

    I need to send you some more recipes! I'm so behind on everything it's insane. I think I might need to make one of those cheesecakes. It looks so delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Jessica - I have not tried to make my own but plan to for a recipe I want to make in the next week. Doesn't sound too hard to do...like you said, just tomato sauce and spices.

    KM - I love that shot. Every day at the cottage is perfect! :)

    Collette - GIMME RECIPES!!! :) when you have time of course...LOL!



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