Isabella's 7th birthday party

Isabella couldn't decide what theme she wanted for her birthday so we went with a princess/baking themed party. Isabella loves baking (her favourite term is 'off-set spatula') and she is still into princesses. We had arranged to have Cinderella stop by the party (a surprise to Isabella) and the kids just loved her visit. Before she came by, we made birthday cake popcorn and then the kids made their own pizzas. After Cinderella left, the kids decorated chocolate cupcakes and then Isabella opened her presents. To end the party, the kids got  brownies in a jar as their take home gift. Isabella was on cloud nine and said it was the best birthday party ever. Here's some photos from the party:

the birthday girl
the invitations we made
the happy birthday sign I had made for a previous bday, cupcake liner garland and the brownies in a jar

i found these funny nose cups at Chapters for the kids to use
making pizzas
Cinderella presenting Isabella with a birthday crown

playing games with Cinderella - she had their full attention for a full hour straight - awesome!
Cinderella did face painting for the kids (and balloon animals) - Isabella chose to have a bracelet painted on her wrist
Simon chose a shark
Isabella's buddy Ryann
good buddy, Abby
BFF Darcy
Isabella's friend Skylar who lives next door
dancing during face painting
the gang and Cinderella
a goodbye hug to Cinderella
cupcake decorating in full swing
I found cupcake icing in a can with different nozzles, in different colours...worked well
the candle blowing moment
presents! (and at some point just before presents, Isabella felt like she needed a different outfit and changed)
the girls (and Simon with a trophy that he picked up at the party store earlier that morning...he didn't put it down all day)


  1. Damn, I should have showed up.

  2. Oh, she looks like she had a wonderful time! I hope it was a happy, happy birthday. And may I say that I love that you don't have those crazy huge birthday parties. My parents rule was always 1 guest for each year and I like that pretty well.

  3. We actually invited 8 girls but we've learned that due to her bday being at the start of summer vacation, you can bet that half the kids you invite won't be able to make it. It turned out to be a perfect, manageable number. Plus our house isn't that big either so too big and we would have had to do it elsewhere..



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