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As I write this, it's 8:30am and everyone is still sleeping. We spent the day at my sister's cottage yesterday and the weather couldn't have been more perfect - it was warm, even into the evening so no need for sweaters and we got to eat dinner outside. Not a cloud in the sky all day too! We took the pontoon boat out for a ride and Isabella jumped off the side of the boat into the water (a new skill she just learned...the boat was anchored btw). She is quite the little swimmer. We're thinking of putting her in lessons too soon.

We were a little unlucky this week - our BBQ needs replacing as does the transmission on our car. Did I mention out lawnmower also doesn't work and we might need to invest in new home phones because those appear to be on the fritz too?!?!?!?!? When it rains, it pours I guess.

I did cook this week and some keepers added to the list. I made easy beef enchiladas including the enchilada sauce. This was delicious and the leftovers were gobbled up the next day.

recipe girl

Next, I had planned to make flank steak kebabs with peanut sauce on the BBQ but this was before knowing our BBQ would not be functioning so I broiled the flank steak and veggies instead of doing skewers (our skewers have wooden handles or I would have broiled the kebabs in the oven). The peanut sauce was so-so. I've only had peanut sauce a couple times and maybe it would have been better if the food had been BBQ'd (everything tastes better on the BBQ in my opinion).

martha stewart

This next recipe I made last week but didn't have time to blog it - spicy honey chicken. It was so freaking good and I am totally going to make it again. If I remember correctly, I think I made it with mashed potatoes and corn for the kids and I had it on a salad with mango and a honey-citrus vinaigrette and it was TO DIE FOR served this way.

the girl who ate everything
our best bites

I had a bad craving for meatloaf one night so I made grilled cheesy meatloaves.I have never tried meatloaf stuffed with cheese and I quite enjoyed it. I also added slices of bacon on top because I was wanting a million extra calories added to this meal and I loved every mouthful. Again, grilled turned into baked. Damn you BBQ. A little broiling at the end to crisp up the bacon. YUM.

food network

I noticed we have an over abundance of chocolate chips in the cupboard so today I am going to make orange ricotta chocolate chip muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

two peas and their pod

food network

Happy Sunday!


  1. Those flank steak kebabs look insane. I need to try those!

  2. Mmmm everything looks to die for... It is 1pm in Paris as I am reading this and I did not have lunch yet!! I shouldn't read you now!



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