loft beds


  1. I was completely obsessed with this idea for months, made plans, and priced it out -BUT- How do you change sheets? How do you keep the kid from throwing stuff in the fan? How do you put your kid in bed when they fall asleep somewhere else? If you use the space under the loft for a crib and then for a toddler bed; where do you sit when reading stories? How do you keep the littlest from climbing and falling off the ladder?

  2. Changing sheets is a royal pain in the ass. My daughter has the bed in the last pic and even that bed is hard to change the sheets on the top part. As for keeping them from throwing stuff in the fan - threaten them - LOL! A couple times I have tried to lift my very heavy 7 year old daughter into the top part and almost broke my back. Key is to get them up there as they start getting drowsy. As for the climbing and falling, I saw somewhere where someone had clipped a piece of wood onto the ladder so that the little one couldn't climb off but older one could move it to get up...

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