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Friday, we found out that the children's hospital that has been looking after Simon for his developmental issues has decided that Simon qualifies to have a helper at school. We are still waiting to hear if this means the helper will be with him daily or just occasionally. I was so happy to hear this because I think my anxiety, stress and worry will diminish quite a bit if I know he is getting help at school when he starts junior kindergarten next month.

I had a migraine that lasted three days this past week and it was horrible.

Trying to figure out what sports/activities to put the kids in for the fall/winter as registration is tomorrow for city programs.

Spent a wonderful and relaxing day at my sister's cottage yesterday for her birthday. Good food, delicious sangria and a sunburn on my face. WOOT.

There is supposed to be a crazy cool meteor shower tonight. The kids are excited to see it so hopefully it is clear out tonight.

And now, food. This first recipe was so freaking delicious - thai chicken tacos. Especially the thai peanut sauce I made to go with it. I am going to be making this often.

gimme some oven

gimme some oven

I had another meatloaf craving so made this honey BBQ meatloaf recipe again with mashed potatoes and creamed corn. Love me some comfort food.

can you stay for dinner

I made parmesan chicken fingers with garlic cheese sauce and sweet potato fries for the kids one night. They loved the chicken fingers (of course) and stupid me burnt the fries a bit. Better luck next time.

pinch of yum

I tried this slow cooker orange chicken and it sure didn't turn out like the photo below. It was runny and soupy-ish. Still edible though...

what 2 cook

Don't have time to bake today, dammit. Oh well. Off to get some breakie with the family, then groceries, back home to clean out the fridge, then cut up fruit for the week (typically pineapple and watermelon). We're having my folks over for dinner tonight too so lots to do! 

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