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It's been nuts around here lately...Isabella starts school on Tuesday, Simon starts kindergarten officially on the 17th and we are still having massive car issues. I won't get into the car issues just yet but it's a good story and worth sharing one day soon, when I can. Isabella and Pablo are at a golf tournament for the Make a Wish foundation (parent/kid tournament). Isabella was so excited to go as she has never really golfed before. Anyway, I should get on with this post as I almost forgot to do it - holiday tomorrow so no work and I guess that had me confused as to what day of the week it was...LOL!

I made this mongolian beef dish last night and it was so freaking good that I am looking forward to having the leftovers tonight:

table for two

I wanted to try a new chicken dish so hummus-crusted chicken it was and damn was it delicious. Made roast potatoes with it too.

gimme some oven

And I made smoky black bean chili again because I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I first tried it a few weeks ago.

gimme some oven

For lunch today, I made myself apple brie baguette. It was the perfect lunch after a morning of grocery shopping in a packed store and then cleaning out the fridge and getting all the groceries put away. Simon kept coming over too to have bites. He loved the apple part of the sandwich best.

two tarts

Going to do some baking tomorrow since I am home. Isabella requested blueberry muffins for school this week so I am going to try these banana blueberry muffins. I saw this recipe for oreo cheesecake cookies and knew right away that I had to try them...for the kids...yeah, let's go with that....wink, wink.

sally's baking addiction

sally's baking addiction

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  1. Always so inspiring!! I feel like I make the same stuff over and over again. I should make more efforts and start trying REAL recipes like you do...

    1. You're so sweet! I really enjoy trying out new recipes. I hate eating the same thing over and over.



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