recipes I've tried this week

This week flew by and unfortunately, the weekend as well. Isabella went to her first sleepover birthday party last night and didn't call us to pick her up early! She's really proud of herself. Simon had a fantastic first week at school except he has come down with a cold and cough. Go figure.

OH YEAH, I almost forgot - I am going to be an aunt again this Thursday!!!

Made some good and some not so good food this week. The best meal I made this week was thai chicken wraps. These were phenomenal and they will be made again. A great weeknight meal.

pioneer woman

Simon again requested spaghetti and meatballs so I tried this recipe. Simon loved it so YAY ME!

cooking jar and happy accidents

Lastly, I made grilled stuffed flank steak. We love flank steak in this house and I have never tried a stuffed flank steak. This one was stuffed with prosciutto and provolone. I didn't care for the provolone. Maybe because it wasn't good quality provolone...I should have used mozzarella...

just eat it

And today I did my typical baking: blackberry cheesecake bars with brown sugar crust and yogurt banana bread.

yammie's noshery

seven spoons


  1. oh dear gawd bring me a piece of cheesecake or bread tomorrow!

    1. cheesecake I can do...the bread needs to last the week for the kids for school.



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