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It was a medical issue filled week which meant it was long and exhausting. To start, Pablo had to go back to Toronto for an appointment with his pacemaker surgeon and technician. Turns out that some of the pacemaker wires have come loose and might require surgery to fix. Good grief. THEN, while Pablo was in Toronto, I got a call from Isabella's school that she had hit her head on the gym floor and she wanted to be picked up. When I got her home, she complained how much her head hurt (left temple area) and then she said she was tired and wanted to nap. I let her fall asleep but I woke her every 15 minutes. After 2 hours she woke up and complained that her head was throbbing. She did not look well. A few hours later, she all of a sudden said her stomach was really sick so I rushed her to the bathroom and she vomited. Off to Urgent Care we went and they confirmed it was a concussion and if she were to get worse (ie. vomit again or have seizures) I was to call 911. I was also to monitor her closely for 24 hours and wake her every 4 hours. No physical activity for the rest of the week either. She gradually got better and is back to her normal self. It was scary and I pray to god that there are no more concussions....

I am exhausted so I think I am going to pass on baking this week. Today is packed with all sorts of activities which leaves me no time to bake anyway. I did make some yummy new dishes tonight, starting with soup (which I don't make often) - corn and potato chowder. I was quite impressed with this and the kids ate it too!:

aggie's kitchen

Had some pork to cook so I picked this recipe for honey butter pork tenderloin. I made it with mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas. It was devoured by all and will definitely be made again:

momma hen's kitchen

I had a mac & cheese craving so I tried sriracha mac & cheese. It was really good with the green onions, sriracha and havarti. A combo I wouldn't think of for mac & cheese but this really worked.

Lastly, I made a delicious chicken dish: Italian chicken bake with herb vinaigrette. Perfect weekend meal.

chelsea winter

I needed to come up with a new lunch idea for work since watermelon are out of season. For the last few months, I would bring the same thing for my lunch: watermelon, peach and feta salad with mint, olive oil, red wine vinegar and lots of pepper. Perfect work lunch. Now I am going to try this chopped salad:

martha stewart


  1. Yikes! I am relieved to hear that Isabella is feeling better! Julia, I love this blog series... your "Recipes I've tried this Week" feature has brought great relief to me more than a handle of times!! I feel kind of guilty though, because you are working so hard to provide a wonderful home cooked meal each night for your family of four (I am impressed and admire you for it), and here I am pulling recipes from your collection and cooking periodically for my boyfriend and his son. In any case, thank you!!!!!!

    1. The whole concussion thing was scary. My poor baby. Now I am going to constantly worry about her head...

      You are welcome for the recipes. Let me know if you find any good ones that I could try. I'm always on the hunt! And even better if they are kid approved! :)

  2. How scary! Positive thoughts to all of you, and THANK you for these yummy recipes... I feel the same as Bon, above!



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