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This work week was soooooooooo busy. Thankfully, it is a long weekend - Thanksgiving - so I have an extra day to recuperate and relax. We took Isabella to get some new shoes a few days ago and it turns out she is now in a size 4 shoe and size 5 boot. Ridiculous how much her feet are growing. What else happened this week.....OH YEAH - we got our car back after not having it for I think around 11 weeks. It is now a brand new car - everything under the hood has basically been replaced (the only thing we had to pay for was a new transmission, the rest was covered by a recall). Thanks to my dad for loaning us his car for all those weeks!

We're heading out to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner and I am bringing two dips - one for the adults and one for the kids - pumpkin dip and nutella greek yogurt dip:

gimme some oven

the kitchen is my playground

This week I tried out a couple new things: chicken-patty pockets (so yummy!) and a new meatloaf recipe (not bad). We had my parents over one night so we made on repeat, these beef fajitas - always a hit.

martha stewart
martha stewart

the pioneer woman

Since I am off tomorrow and I have a bunch of ripe bananas, I am going to try this banana bread:

the clever carrot

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