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Isabella had a check-up at the doctor's early this week - looks like she is going to hit 5'10". Good grief. I am just under 5'7" so it won't be long before she is taller than me...soon enough, she will be wearing my size 8.5 shoes. I am recovering from a wicked flu. Hit me like a ton of bricks and caused me to take a few days off work. Hopefully Pablo and the kids don't catch it.

Despite being sicko, I managed to cook some decent meals this week starting with slow-cooker carne guisada. YUM-O. Isabella really loved this one.

martha stewart

A favourite at our home (my mom has made it for years) is breaded chicken cutlets with roast potatoes. I made green beans to go with it.

martha stewart

Needed a pasta fix so I made this spicy sausage pasta. I made it with mild Italian sausages instead of smoked sausages and it was really good. The whole family liked it, even Isabella, who hates pasta.

table for two

Last but not least, I made an easy baked crunchy taco casserole. The crunchy taco shells were a nice change from all the flour tortillas I cook with. Forgot to spray the dish before they went in the oven. They stuck and it was messy but still a hit.

fancy edibles

Craving some berry muffins so I am going to try these mixed berry yogurt muffins.

julia's album

And if I have time, I want to try making these pumpkin oatmeal cookies. Tis the season...

sally's baking addiction


  1. I made the spicy sausage pasta this week, too. I was the only one who really liked it, but I loved it. I would use half the amount of sausage next time, though.

    1. Too funny - I always need to double the amount of sausage I use because the kids are obsessed with it!

  2. Glad to hear that you're feeling better Julia!
    Fingers crossed for Pablo and kids!

    As for recipes - love them! And wanted to thank you for introducing me to Sally's baking addiction :)

    If you find a moment - stop by for some nut crusted French toasts ;)

    Hugs from Denmark


    1. Thanks Kasia! Pablo and the kids are still flu-free but as I write this, Simon is at the doctors - he has been having stomach issues lately...

      Sally's baking addiction is one of my favs! I did stop by to have a quick peek at your french toast. I've been dying to try pumpkin french toast lately....

      Hugs from Canada - where we got our first tiny snowfall today (melted once it hit the ground thankfully - I'm not ready for snow yet...)

    2. Oh no, no snow yet, please!

      Here it's actually quite mild - around 14C and 50/50 sun and rain. As some of my patients are staying in barns - I still enjoy this weather while driving to the country.
      I would give it max 10 days more and it will surely get more chilly. The wind is getting stronger as well..

      Oh Julia, why weren't we born on Bahamas?!

      Thank you for all the sweet words. I'll keep that in mind


      ps. getting ready for a makover of Klara's room so I'm visiting you a LOT ;)

    3. It was mild here - around 14-20C up until this week. I was hoping it would stay mild for halloween but wishful thinking....

      I SOOOOOOOOOO should have been born in the Bahamas. Cold is not my thing.

      Let me know when you post pics of the makeover!

    4. See you in the Bahamas next life!

      ps. I will :)

  3. What did the doctor say? Is Simon ok?

    1. The doctor doesn't think it is anything serious. He has to get bloodwork done tomorrow just to be sure. We're to give him Advil when his stomach acts up and see if that helps. Thanks for asking! :)

    2. I see.
      I hope he's better now and that he will be in top form really soon :)

      Have a great weekend Julia!
      Hugs from DK :)

  4. I live these posts. Question: is there a height predictor your Dr. uses? A formula?

    1. I wasn't at the appointment but I believe there is a growth chart/graph that is published by the Canadian something-or-other that she uses....



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