Olaf's room

Kasia of the blog my full house posted some updated photos of her son Olaf's room. I love how she made the very small room seem bigger than it is with all the use of white. (Kasia and I live in countries where it snows alot and temperatures drop for many months therefore we have decided that one day we are taking off to the Bahamas. It snowed here a few days ago for the first time this season so I am just aching for the Bahamas).

And a happy birthday to my BIL Dave!!!


  1. That's a lovely boy's room!

  2. Dear Julia
    It is so nice to see my boy's room on your lovely blog which is absolutely one of my top favorite when I'm looking for interior inspiration!
    And great to read that our Bahamas appointment is still standing! ;)
    Hugs from Denmark!



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