recipes I've tried this week

Simon's 5th birthday is Tuesday so we're having the family over for dinner tonight to celebrate. Simon's birthday dinner request was spaghetti and meatballs. Good boy - nice and easy. Anyway, lots to do so here's a recap of what I've made this week, starting with YUMMY steak fajita stuffed baked potatoes with avocado chipotle crema. It was so good that I stuffed myself and could hardly move after. I did cheat and did the potatoes in the microwave. They would have been soooooo much better with crisp skin from the oven but alas, I didn't have the time.

half baked harvest

Another delicious meal I made this week (yesterday in fact) was slow cooker thai chicken soup. I wanted a bit of spice so I added some sriracha sauce to mine.

foodie crush

And lastly, I made this sweet chili BBQ chicken. OMG the BBQ sauce was heavenly. So heavenly that I put some on my mashed potatoes and pigged out yet again. Green beans were the side and the kids ate it all up too. This one is going on the rotation.

family feedbag

No time to bake or anything which means I'll have to buy store bought crap for the kids' lunches this week....

On Tuesday for Simon's birthday, I'll be posting Halloween photos. The kids were adorable so check back Tuesday.

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