recipes I've tried this week

Not a whole lot of new news around here so I'll just get right into food talk. Since I had the day off on Monday, I wanted to make something in the slow cooker so I made this slow cooker pot roast with balsamic vinegar. I had the leftovers for lunch the rest of the week, it was that good.

southern fairytale

I wanted something of the stir-fry variety so I found this recipe for 30-minute mongolian beef. So good.

just a taste

Had some chicken breasts to cook so I made this honey soy chicken. I made it with roast potatoes because we had just had rice the night before with the mongolian beef (mashed potatoes for the kids) but it would have been better served with rice due to the delicious sauce. Very easy to make too. Gotta remember this one.

table for two

Lastly, I needed something super fast as it was 'flu shot' night. I made this turkey taco recipe but with ground chicken instead (it was what I had). Isabella loved it, as did I:

the perfect pantry

Since Simon is obsessed with blueberry muffins these days, I just made a batch of these blueberry muffins. They look DELICIOUS.

a cup of jo

And for a quick to make treat, I tried these white chocolate lucky charms treats. Really, I made them for the kids..................................okay, and maybe for me too........

sally's baking addiction

(due to lack of time, I added white chocolate chips into the cereal rather than dunking them in the chocolate)


  1. I've made this stir fried beef recipe twice in the last couple of weeks, it's so, so good: http://latourangelle.com/index.php/recipes/pan-asian-flank-steak.html

    1. Sounds yummy (minus the mushrooms - the only veggie I don't like). Do you use their stir fry oil?



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