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Another crazy work week and I am thoroughly exhausted. A very good move on my part that I took two weeks off at Christmas because I am really burnt out and need some days soon to do a whole lot of nothing. Just have to get through one more week of work...

Isabella has been having night terrors lately and they have become more frequent - a couple times a week now. She sits up in bed and speaks in a terrified voice, eyes open, all the while still asleep. It is so freaky and usually continues for a good 15 minutes. I googled night terrors but was curious if any of you out there have experienced the same with your child. Advice welcome!

I have been picking some really good recipes lately (patting myself on the back). A couple of the dinners I tried this week are going into the dinner rotation, starting with chicken chimichangas. These were devoured by all, including the kiddos. I used a BBQ chicken and guacamole from the grocery store so overall, they were easy and quick to make. The kids LOVED the crispy tortillas.

cooking classy

The next super easy and deliciously comforting meal was 5-ingredient potato soup. Of course, this had to be accompanied by grilled cheese sandwiches. I have to remember to make this at least every few weeks. Our kids are grilled cheese fanatics and actually ate some of the soup.

gimme some oven

Simon wanted spaghetti and meatballs again so instead I tried this 30 minute weeknight pasta sauce. I told Simon the ground beef were 'little mini meatballs'. He ate it up. Isabella ate leftover chimichangas as she has a pasta aversion (weirdo). This was quite tasty and leftovers were brought to work a couple times also.

the comfort of cooking

Lastly, I wanted a rice dish so I tried easy pepper steak. This went over well with all - the kids loved the meat and I made mashed potatoes for them and corn.

gimme some oven

 I decided to try this banana cranberry bread as I had three bananas to use. Here's to hoping Simon likes cranberries...


And as a special holiday treat (I needed a good excuse...), I wanted to make fudge and this peanut butter fudge caught my eye as I was perusing pinterest the other day.

sally's baking addiction

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