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I wish this weekend would go by MUCH slower. So much to do and so little time. Plus some time to just sit and relax would be nice. A huge thank you to my sister and BIL for giving us a couple electronic devices yesterday. My sister got a new iPhone and since I didn't have one (I'm such a loser), she gave me her old one. My BIL got himself a new iPad so he gave Simon his old one. Simon is overjoyed that he has his own iPad like Isabella. Thank you Kim and Jeff!

No onto food and what I made this week. This red pepper pasta bake was made one weeknight and it was damn delicious (LOL! came from the blog damn delicious):

damn delicious

Next up was a favourite with Isabella - coconut lime pork tacos. Quick, easy and YUMMY.


I decided to try this smoky minestrone with tortellini soup on a really cold day we had last week and because I thought the kids would eat it due to the cheese tortellini in it. The kids avoided most of the vegetables and mainly ate the tortellini. Oh well, I tried. It was tasty in my opinion but be prepared for lots of chopping.


And today, since the kids don't have swimming on Sundays anymore, I had more time to bake so I baked three things. A batch of blueberry ricotta muffins (to die for - I tasted one) to give to Pablo's friend (he lives around the corner from us and his mom passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Christmas Day). I also baked some strawberry banana bread with blueberries for the kids to take to school for the week. And lastly, I wanted something sweet and decided to try these skinny chocolate chip cheesecake bars (only 128 calories per bar!).

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sally's baking addiction

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