recipes I've tried this week

What happened this week...Pablo was having issues with his eyes - burning sensation in behind his eyes. He went to see an opthamologist and the result was that he needs glasses - mainly for driving but he can wear them all the time if he wants (see pic after the recipes). First time Pablo has ever had less than perfect eyesight. Other medical news: Simon has an appointment for his next muscle test and a follow-up with his developmental pediatrician this week.

Since my sister gave me her old iphone last week, I finally got an instagram account. You can find me here. I added it to my sidebar along with my pinterest, twitter, etc. I am getting addicted to instagram like I am to pinterest. I love the creativity of it so I plan on adding photos regularly.

On to food stuff. Nothing terribly exciting was made this week. My favourite was a repeat recipe - sweet & spicy bacon chicken. I hate that I love bacon so much. This was made with mashed potatoes because you need something to put the sauce on...

diary of a recipe addict

Roasts were on sale at the grocery store and I found this recipe for slow cooker new england pot roast. Yummy and hearty.

can you stay for dinner

The next two recipes were easy and not bad at all. Would I make them again? Probably not because they didn't wow me. Mexican pizzas and loaded philly cheesesteak baked potato.

center cut cook


Today I am trying for the first time, cakey lemon bar brownies (I LOVE lemon) and blueberry muffin and buttermilk pancakes cake:


averie cooks

And now, the new and improved Pablo with glasses:


  1. Those glasses look GREAT on him. I'm going to make the lemon square thingies - wish I had one now!

    1. Thanks Lili! Those squares were delicious - I am a huge lemon lover so if you love lemon, you will love these.



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