a recipe and an update

I have never been so sick before in my life. The worst flu ever. Think of a flu symptom and I have had it in the last two weeks. I didn't sleep or eat for over 5 days due to the pounding headaches and fever. I coughed so much I lost my voice. Then bronchitis. Bad leg cramps, lower back pain and a sore jaw. More fever and now I am completely stuffed up and a small cough left. Completely exhausting. Today we shoveled at out place and at my folks' place (we got lots of snow yesterday) and some grocery shopping and I can barely move. This sucks as both my sisters and parents are right now enjoying some insane Mexico heat.

While I was practically dying from this ridiculous flu, I missed a few appointments for Simon. The first was another muscle test - an EMG. Tiny needles (like in acupuncture) were inserted into Simon's muscles. Simon didn't cry at all, a few moans and that was it. My big boy. The results of this test and the bloodwork for his muscle enzyme levels came back normal. Therefore Simon's issue with his muscles don't stem from the muscles themselves. Next is to determine if the issue is from his central nervous system and to do this, an MRI is required. It'll take 1-2 months to get an appointment for the MRI.

Pablo has to go to the hospital tomorrow night for a detailed CT scan of his head. He's been having some of the same symptoms he had while he had his brain tumour so the doctor wants to make sure the tumour hasn't returned.

Due to the loss of appetite that I've had in the last two weeks (and subsequent weight loss), I didn't cook anything interesting in the last few days but today I managed to bake a batch of delicious looking blackberry apple muffins (I decided to replace the oat streusel on top with turbinado sugar):

sally's baking addiction


  1. Flu is shit! Once you've had it you'll want to slap people who say they have the flu in the face. Feel better! x

    1. This flu has been the absolute shit. Two weeks and I still have it...

  2. I hope to read great news here about Pablo next time we have an update. Oh I miss your "recipes tried" posts :)! Keep them coming when you feel like eating again...

    1. Pablo is still waiting for his scan results. He is really nervous. Hopefully he'll hear today...
      I am slowly getting my appetite back and am back to cooking regularly since I have more energy so this weekend I'll do my food post. Glad you like them!



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