pirate themed room

I got an email from Adrienne asking if I had any ideas on pirate themed bedrooms. I went through my stash of photos and here is what I came up with:

The photo above has the crossbones over the bed, typical of the pirate theme with a red, blue and white nautical theme as well.

This next photo combines many wood elements to make the theme have more of a pirate/desert island feel:

kids factory

The next few photos demonstrate some great pirate themed bed ideas to work with:

el mueble

viva baby

eric roth photo
I can picture the sailboat bed above with a skull on the sail...

The next few examples combine a scandinavian black and white decor with skulls to make a non-nautical pirate theme:

family living

sjarm & kaos

sjarm & kaos

sjarm & kaos

bolig pluss

Next is a room that uses wallpaper to really create the pirate theme:

Lastly, are photos of the incredible work of jason hulfish - master of the themed kids rooms:

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