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I think this is one of the few times where I've been excited for one of Pablo's countless surgeries. He is scheduled for surgery this coming Friday to fix an issue that he has had for years - urology related. I won't go into detail but the surgery involves botox. I'm hoping this improves Pablo's quality of life because having issues with daily functions (like going to the bathroom) are not fun and have caused Pablo to be really sick the last few weeks (including numerous trips to the emergency room).

I'm tired and exhausted because Pablo is sick, cranky and exhausted and I just can't wait for this week to be over and then Pablo's recovery to deal with....I'll be working from home a bit while he recovers and I took the week off that the kids' are off for March break. Here's to hoping there are no complications with this surgery and a quick recovery.

I cooked this week. All delicious meals if I do say so myself. And baked today too. I feel like napping now so coffee is in order to stay awake the rest of the day...

Made a chicken stir fry this week - chicken and vegetable stir-fry to be exact. I used broccoli, carrots, red and yellow peppers - kid friendly stuff. Liked by adults and kiddos. Pablo and I added a bit of soy sauce to ours as it was lacking a bit of sauce...

iowa girl eats

It seems like I always resort to something mexican on nights where I am short on dinner making time. This week I made these tacos and they were quick and delicious. The kids are not fans of beans so I used refried beans and hid that in their tacos and they didn't even notice. I love refried beans.

recipe girl

I wanted to do something in the slow cooker yesterday and thought I'd try this honey soy pork tenderloin recipe. Pablo and I loved it but the kids found it a bit spicy. I made roast potatoes and green beans with it. I love watching Simon inhale green beans - they are his favourite.

add a pinch

Lastly, I made a personal favourite pasta dish of mine - saucy Italian drunken noodles. So freaking good.

the cozy apron

Isabella asked if I could make cookies so the quickest ones I could find were these 4-ingredient peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. The kids gobbled them up and said they were delicious.

gimme some oven

Last but not least, muffins. These raspberry-peach jam & cream cheese breakfast buns sounded different from most of the muffins I've been making lately. I used some mixed berry jam instead because god forbid I be able to find raspberry-peach jam at the grocery store and I wasn't about to buy a jar of each...anyway, they are cooling on the stove as I write this. They smell heavenly.

mountain mama cooks

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