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This was a fantastic week for many reasons - the snow has almost completely melted, I had a fun night out with some ladies from work, my mom made us her to-die-for lasagna last night and we got the results of Simon's MRI.

Simon's MRI came back normal. His head is perfect and there is nothing wrong that the neurologist can see that can explain why Simon has such low muscle tone and why he has difficulty with normal movement and motor skills. There is nothing more the neurologist can do either. He explained that the issue can be within the brain cells but that can't be tested. Even kids with down syndrome have normal MRI scans. The neurologist explained it that maybe Simon will just be that kid that has really bad coordination his whole life. Maybe his coordination will improve as he gets older. He did say that we need to worry if his muscle issues get worse. So big sigh of relief. We also really wanted to have a scan of his brain done due to his dad's brain tumour history...we wanted piece of mind that Simon's brain was okay and now we have that.

Back to today's order of business - food. The first recipe I tried was fast crazy delicious homemade pizzas. Why I had never thought to make pizzas with naan bread is beyond me. Kasia over at my full house blogged a bunch of good pizza topping combinations. I plan on always keeping naan bread and pizza sauce on hand to make pizzas - great for weekend quick lunches or for when the kids hate what I've made for dinner.

my full house

I was craving breakfast food for dinner one night so I made peanut butter and bacon pancakes. Quick, easy and delicious beyond words. Pablo and I are huge bacon fans so we really enjoyed this. I made a batch sans bacon because for some reason that is totally baffling to us, Isabella does not like bacon (!!!). I'd like to make them again but this time when we have bananas. Bananas would have made this meal absolutely perfect. I served the pancakes with strawberries instead.

joy the baker

I still can't believe I have never attempted to make a lasagna before...and I am half Italian. Shame on me. This 15 minute lasagna was as close as I've gotten. It was really good considering how easy it was to make. Brought the leftovers to work too and still tasty warmed up.

kevin and amanda

This last dinner recipe made me wish we had a working BBQ because when things are supposed to be grilled and you use a frying pan instead, it just isn't the same at all... This would have been that much better grilled like the recipe says - honey garlic pork chops.

blog chef

Spent today baking as per usual. Started off with a blueberry and cream cheese muffin top bread and then I wanted to try these easiest microwave chewy peanut butter granola bars.

averie cooks

cooking classy

Lastly, my twin and I went over to a co-workers place one night for a get together/jewelry party and we thought it would be fun to make a cocktail instead of the usual wine or cooler. We ended up deciding on this smashed raspberry lemonade cocktail and we loved it (thanks again Dianne for a fun evening!). We also made it at my parents house last night and everyone there loved it too. Perfect summer drink.

a beautiful mess


  1. Glad you liked the naan pizza idea :)
    I will drink for Simon's results (this drink looks goooood) as soon as I will kiss my migraine goodbye!

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks lovely lady! You have a great migraine free week! xxoo

  2. Great news... Very happy for you!



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