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Work was just nuts this last week and I am running on empty. Lots of coffee has helped keep me going. Isabella and Pablo went to a cancer relay for life held by one of the local high schools on Friday and both of them spoke. Isabella's speech made alot of people tear up. She has very much been affected by Pablo's brain tumour and the last four years that we've been coping with all the subsequent medical issues. On a lighter note, both kids start baseball this week and they are so darn excited. Luckily they both play on separate nights. I hope the weather improves. It's May and you would never know it. Depressing.

I tried out 5 new recipes this week. Four worked out and one not so much. My fav had to have been easy braised balsamic and herb chicken. I am a huge lover of balsamic. This dish was delicious and easy as the recipe is titled. Gotta remember this one.

cookin' canuck

A close second was this coconut lime chicken. I know chicken skin isn't good for you but OMG I couldn't stop eating the crispy skin. The kids won't eat it 'cause it's burnt' so I ate theirs too....shame on me. I made rice with it but I need a sauce for my rice and so I mainly just ate chicken. The kids said it was the best chicken I ever made. Success.

martha stewart

Cheddar stuffed meatloaf was a big hit too with everyone. We are big meatloaf fans up in here and this one was delicious.

eating well

I love pork tenderloin and love trying new ways to make it. This chipotle honey lime pork tenderloin has three of my favs in the title and it's a damn shame that I was only able to marinade it for an hour. It would have made it to #1 had I marinated it longer. I will have to make this again and properly.

tide and thyme

I was craving macaroni and cheese and this creamy skillet mac and cheese sounded interesting as it is made with brie and camembert. I should have stuck with a regular mac and cheese as this didn't quite do it for me. Too bad.

spoon fork bacon

I have some cinnamon roll cake baking right now in the oven but I think I might have screwed it up somehow...the batter looked alot thicker than it should have been....we shall see...

crunchy creamy sweet


  1. This has been a real favorite pork tenderloin recipe. I have had to make it sans fennel seed when I didn't have and it worked out just as well. The apples and onions cooked with the white wine are yum. Also I have always had to cook the tenderloin longer than the recipe states. I think the kiddies will like it...http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Pork-Tenderloin-with-Roasted-Apples-and-Onions-109169

    1. Sounds delish! Thanks for sharing! I pinned it and will try it soon.

  2. I tried the balsamic and herb chicken tonight...I didn't have any ( have a cold - i ate soup ) but husband liked it. There are some left overs so maybe I will try later this week.

    1. Glad the husband liked it! Sorry you have a cold. Hope you feel better!

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