happy father's day!

Happy father's day to my dad, to pablo and all the dad's out there. I can't even put into words what dedicated and amazing fathers both my dad and Pablo are.

The photo above was taken this morning at the Ultimate run for men's cancers (in support of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation). After the event we went to get groceries but Pablo wasn't doing so well. He's been having bladder issues all weekend and we decided that after groceries, we were going to have to take Pablo to the emergency room to get this issue checked out. What a way to spend father's day. Luckily emergency wasn't too busy and due to the gravity of Pablo's issues, he was seen right away. Turns out he has a pretty bad infection, the likely cause being his bladder surgery not too long ago. Pablo is now on antibiotics and has a catheter that should stay in place for the week. He'll need to see his urologist this week and a scope is most likely going to need to happen very soon. We managed to make it to my parents' place for a family dinner and now we are home and I am so tired I'm having a hard time putting sentences together. My apologies for again not doing a recipe post but I am saving them all up and when I do get time to do a recipe post, it'll be a long one. I also had to work overtime this weekend so I was really short on free time. Goodnight all. Have a wonderful week.


  1. How shitty.
    Take some rest when you can, it's the most important.
    Love the photo :).

    1. Looks like he's going to have to have surgery on Friday too now to help the problem...

  2. Aw. Hopefully to end the problem once and for all... Sending you a lot of courage and energy (I have none at the moment but sending anyway)

  3. TakeLibid Xtreme Caps Valor!rest when you can, it's the most important.
    Love the photo :).



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