recipes I've tried in the last few weeks

Oh boy, where do I start! Pablo had to go to the hospital a couple weeks ago due to an unusual headache that lasted a few days. Many many tests and an appointment with his neurologist and neurosurgeon later and it seems that Pablo has the neck of an 80 year old man due to his brain tumour from 4.5 years ago. His neck is very compressed so they want to put screws in his neck between the vertebrae to stretch it out. They are hoping this will prevent alot of Pablo's recurring headaches and should help with the dizzy spells. Surgery date TBD but quite possibly within the next 6 months. Recovery is expected to be brutal. :(

A couple nights ago, out of absolutely nowhere, Simon developed group A strep. Long night at the local children's hospital, and a very sick boy made for an exhausting week. We didn't find out till 24 hours after the hospital visit that it was strep so right away he started on amoxicillin but soon after his first dose, he developed a bad rash all over his face, neck and stomach. And boy was it itchy, poor boy. A change of medication and Simon is on the mend.

This is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I am so excited for my mom's turkey dinner tomorrow! A visit to the pumpkin patch will round out the day. No work for me Monday so a day to relax and bake. Happy Thanksgiving to all you out there celebrating this weekend!

Here is the roundup of recipes I've tried in the last few weeks:

Even though I am half Italian, the thought of making lasagna scares me. Then I found this recipe for cheesy sausage skillet lasagna and DAMN was it good AND easy to make. It got devoured and leftovers for so yummy too.

picky palate

And then we have breakfast for dinner. Sinfully delicious!

easy cheesy breakfast casserole - gimme some oven

Apple cider season is here. These apple cider glazed pork chops were delicious. Made with mashed potatoes and green beans.

delightful e made

Never do a food post when you skipped lunch....eesshhhhh....in conclusion, I recommend the following recipes:

apricot balsamic chicken - recipe girl

beef burrito casserole - recipe girl

stove top one pot macaroni and cheese - white on rice couple

easy ground beef tacos - mountain mama cooks

the idea room - garlic cheddar chicken strips

averie cooks - 6 banana banana bread

And in honour of thanksgiving:




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