the oversized sweater


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    1. Don't know about you but I especially love them because of the looooooong winters we have to put up with! ;)

  2. Every Woman Needs A Bespoke Blazer
    Ladies Home

    Blazers are a must-have for every young professional. These sophisticated jackets are a life-saver when it comes to a put-together office outfit. You can either pair them with a dress or a top and pants. If you are feeling a little adventurous, even a summer dress can look fabulous for meetings and professional events. It adds a smart touch to almost any outfit, too.

    Corporate wear has been transitioning towards the traditional suit and ties for men and blazers and any bottoms for women back in 2018. Today, blazers have been morphed into something more fluid and versatile, and it has become a big staple in any person’s wardrobe because of its sophisticated and smart vibes. In the corporate world, blazers are a part of critical success because of its aesthetic.

    You can never really go wrong with blazers. You can comfortably dress up any ensemble with this garment, and it would always look excellent and professional.




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