recipes I've tried in the last few weeks

Ohhhhh where do I start. The last few weeks have been absolutely brutal. It started with me working a buttload of overtime and just when that died down, the kids came home from school with lice. It was horrible. Horrendous. A freaking nightmare. The hair combing and the 30 loads of laundry and the vacuuming. BRUTAL. During all this, Pablo came down with a terrible virus and went to the hospital. Then I developed strep throat and had to do more overtime at work. One day when I was home with strep (but still working), Pablo was out and felt like he had a 300 lb person sitting on his chest. Another trip to the hospital followed by tests at the heart institute and conclusion was minor heart attack. They also discovered a heart murmur that needs to be looked at monthly. Lastly, Pablo is having urology surgery next week - the surgery he has been waiting years to have that will involve a skin graft (it's quite invasive and too gruesome to get into details). I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet........

Changing topics :)   Here is some good food for y'all to try:

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