Tips for getting the perfect baby pictures

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Professional baby pictures are a must-have for new parents. You'll want to capture your newborn in a timeless memory so that you can share your adorable new son or daughter with friends and family. Professional studios often offer special packages for new parents to entice them to choose the studio for their baby pictures.

Capturing the perfect pose at the perfect moment when a newborn is involved isn't as simple as it seems. A good photographer worth their weight in gold knows what to do in order to capture a snap that will make everybody ooh and ahh. There are things that parents can do also to ensure the shoot goes smoothly. Here are just a few ways to get baby photo shoot ready.

Know Your Baby's Schedule
In some cases, it is not advantageous for you to take your baby for their shoot when they are ready for their nap. Beyond that, most babies have certain times of the day when they are just calmer and more engaged. Keep track of these times over the course of a week. Try to schedule your studio time for when your baby is experiencing their peak hours, or when they are the calmest. This will help immensely in your quest to capture the most perfect pictures.

Staging the Background
Your baby is supposed to be the star of the picture, so make sure that you're choosing a very basic background without a lot of distracting elements. Depending on the age of your baby, too many distracting pieces might even serve to divert your baby's attention away from the task at hand. Keep the colors simple and avoid heavily patterned backgrounds.

Use Props with Discretion
The best type of props to use in a newborn photo shoot usually carry some type of sentimentality. For instance, a cap knitted by baby's favorite aunt can make a baby picture extra special. Some couples "lend" their wedding rings to baby for use during the shoot. There's no rules when it comes to this sort of thing; except err on the side of simplicity. Too many props in one picture can take away from the whole purpose-which is to capture baby in all his or her glory.

Posed or Lifestyle: Know the Difference
Consult with your photographer ahead of time to discuss a theme for your baby pictures. There are two popular types of baby pictures that most photographers who specialize in family portraiture take. The first is a "posed" and the other is "lifestyle". For a posed shoot, expect to spend a little extra time in the studio, while a lifestyle shoot can be done in the home with a professional photographer. Usually a posed shoot is done within two weeks of the birth, and a lifestyle shoot is usually scheduled within six weeks of baby arriving into the world.

Discuss Macro Images
Getting professional shots done is a perfect occasion to capture some stunning macro images of your baby. In addition to the standard portrait photography, macro photography can help to capture baby's finer points: his or her tiny fingers, toes, and ears; just to name a few. These types of photos make for priceless keepsakes for use in baby's first photo album.

Following some very straightforward tips can make your baby's photo shoot seamless. Of course, when it comes to newborns the unexpected can sometimes occur, but a little preparation beforehand comes in handy. The more you know about the process of capturing the perfect baby picture, and the more you understand what you want, the better.


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