a shared girls' room and a shared boys' room in warsaw

My very good friend Kasia (my full house blog) recently moved to Warsaw from the Danish island of Bornholm and had to put together a room for her two daughters and a room for her son and stepson (who visits often). I just love what she has done with the rooms!

for sources and details of the girls' room, click here for the link to Kasia's blogpost

for sources and details of the boys' room, click here for the link to Kasia's blogpost


  1. Thank you Lovely!
    It is so nice to see my kids rooms on my favorite kids room inspiration blog! I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for you and I mean it! Love from Warsaw! See you on Bahamas!

    1. You are an amazing woman and you have been such a good friend to me. I will for sure see you in the Bahamas! xxoo

  2. cool rooms, nice to read a post about a room from my country of living, I follow both of your blogs, greetings, and keep on blogging :)

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