happy easter!

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We're going to try to make the most of this Easter weekend but Pablo has been in the hospital since Thursday night and we're not sure how long he will have to stay. He is having serious prostate issues and is waiting for surgery. Earlier in the week they had ruled out cancer from some of the tests they had done but then they found an abscess and now they aren't sure. Whatever he's got going on is quite aggressive which is why he has to stay in the hospital. Neurology is supposed to see him but everything is taking FOREVER due to the long weekend. Worst time to have something go wrong medically...


  1. Not fun... I hope everything will turn out ok for Pablo this time again. I am sending thoughts to your family on this difficult Easter weekend.

  2. I wish you the best...I come around to check your blog once in a while and feel like...well behind the lovely pictures there is more, a not always as shiny reality. The week end is over now so I hope your husband has been treated well and you are on a more peaceful ride!

  3. Hope he's well. You and the kids too.



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