recipes I've tried in the last few weeks

Would y'all be shocked if I say AGAIN that it's been really nuts around here lately? LOL! I blame it on yet another hospitalization by Pablo. This one lasted 8 days and included a surgery. That's what happens when you get admitted to the hospital right before a long weekend - you basically just wait through the 4 days as everyone is off, including doctors and specialists that you might need to see. Awesome how that works. Pablo had surgery on April 8th to remove an abscess on his very enlarged prostate. He came home on the 9th and there is talk that another surgery is required in that area. This hospital stay was perfectly timed in the sense that my parents came back from their long Mexico annual vacay the morning that Pablo was admitted so they were a great help with the kids.

I did manage to do some cooking in the last few weeks. Here is the roundup of recipes I tried:

vietnamese banh mi street tacos - a spicy perspective

greek chicken souvlaki - the sugar hit

baked firecracker chiken tenders - le creme de la crumb

meatballs and pasta - jamie oliver

sloppy joe tacos - gimme some oven

tortellini skillet lasagna - lemons for lulu

meatloaf muffins - carlsbad cravings

candied chicken - taste and tell

great grandma's pasta sauce - table for two

chicken nachos - the pioneer woman

world's best chicken - rachel schultz

broccoli cheese potato soup - cooking classy

pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce - damn delicious

big mac - the recipe critic

honey balsamic chicken tenders - budget bytes

fluffy banana muffins - sugardish

strawberry banana bread muffins - julia's album

the best chocolate chip cookies - lil' luna


  1. That Greek Chicken one looks awesome! Trying it out tonight, thanks! Love your blog, by the way!

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