5 Projects to Add Value to your Home

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As you consider home improvement projects, keep in mind that not all projects will add value to your home. You should think about these five projects that will actually increase the value and appeal of your home to buyers. You might install a new bathroom vanity to your master bathroom or make Energy Star purchases each time you require a new appliance. Each of these changes will increase the worth of your home.

Bathroom Vanity

People spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom and they want to be surrounded by modern aesthetics rather than entering a time capsule. An outdated or poor-quality bathroom vanity can diminish the feel of a bath space, and the right bathroom vanity will inspire potential buyers to be more flexible with their spending. Many buyers prefer the value of a home is higher rather than to spend the time and money trying to make such upgrades themselves.

Energy Efficient Everything

Ensure that everything possible in your home is energy efficient. You might add insulation to various areas of the house known to allow air in and out. Installing Energy Star windows will vastly improve energy efficiency throughout the house resulting in lower energy bills. Energy Star appliances such as refrigerators, washers and driers and dishwashers may be a slightly more expensive investment, however you will save money while you use them and you will receive a number of environmentally friendly rebates and tax deductions making them even more affordable just as you will with the windows.

Finish or Upgrade the Basement

Another upgrade buyers appreciate is a finished or remodeled basement. If your basement is a blank canvas, your options are nearly endless. You could install another bathroom, add another bedroom and even create the ultimate entertainment space. However, if your basement already has some functionality apart from storage, you may need to make a number of upgrades from the flooring and lighting to the walls and cabinets or cupboards. If you make the basement a selling point, your home will be valued higher. Need some industrial cleaning, look no further.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is often the center of the home and it should be treated as such. More and more people are choosing to cook at home rather than to eat out every meal. For the value of your home, it is important to create a beautiful and useable space that matches the characteristics of the house. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, you should be certain plenty of storage exists even if you have to add more cupboards and shelves. And, most people enjoy a significant amount of light in their kitchens. Natural light is best for the kitchen, however the right light fixtures can create a similar ambiance.


Your landscaping will define the first impression of the home to potential buyers and directly affect the value of your home. If you have not properly cared for your landscape or if you do not really have any landscaping, your lawn and garden areas will look less attractive and be less desirable by potential buyers in the end. Creating an inviting and relaxing space in the backyard is certain to attract higher offers and increase the value of your home. Be certain to keep the landscaping manageable to prevent a potential buyer from thinking they will have to spend hours each week in lawn care or pay for someone to manage it properly.

Adding value to your home over time is an important part of the selling process. Various projects will add value to your home over others such as the landscape, environmentally friendly projects, the basement, the kitchen and a bathroom vanity.


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