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  1. FASTag or NETC program is an automatic innovation by the Indian government and National Payments Corporation. The facility helps Indian drivers pay their toll quickly without queuing at the toll plazas. IDFC First Bank Fastag Balance Online The government has situated thousands of toll plazas centers in various points on Indian roads. The FASTag device is designed with radio frequency identification that automatically deducts the set charges. The FASTag sticker is placed on the windscreen for fast detection as the vehicle goes through the FASTag lane towards the toll plaza.

  2. Modern banking facilities are designed to work through multiple platforms and gadgets. Today bank users can access services anywhere without visiting the bank. The freedom eases operations and reduces UCO Bank Balance Check number 2023 congestion and paperwork. The transition to new advance online and offline services allows users to manage their money easily. Indian banks implement the systems to help serve millions of customers countrywide. It’s easy to transact funds from mobile apps, websites, e-wallets, or SMS banking.



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