5 fashion trends to look out for in 2019

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With so many big and exciting trends set in 2018, it is intriguing to see which trends will be hot this year. Social media has already shown us a glimpse of what to expect from this year’s clothing trends and celebrities are already starting their own trends for this year. In 2018 it was impossible to keep up with all the amazing trends hitting the high streets. Stores found that clothing was flying out the doors due to such high demand and everyone wanting to be up to date with the latest trends.

With summer fast approaching, it will be exciting to see how this year will be able to top last year’s trends. All last season’s sales are still on the go both on high streets and online. This is clearing space and making way for all the new and improved fashion for this year. Fashion designers and style icons already have new trends in the works and there is an air of mystery around this.

This year look out for pool party outfits to festival looks as well as cozy winter jumpers and fluffy jackets. In this article, we will discuss the next big trends coming soon. For more information on must-have wardrobe items that 2019 has to offer, continue reading to find out which trend you will be following this year.

Prom Trends
With proms getting bigger and better every year there are a lot of things to keep up with, for example - prom dresses. Every girl wants to have the best prom dress and one of the most popular choices is the classic red prom dress. However, no one wants to look the same as someone else in their prom photos and this is why girls are now looking for something new that stands out. Some of the must-have prom dresses for 2019 include fishtail styled dresses with sequins and crystals and dazzling diamond details. If you are looking for a designer prom dress, then the designer prom dresses by Jovani is the perfect place to start. Those that are looking to stand out can find some stunning sequined gowns from their collection, whilst those who are after something more stunning have a variety of lengths and styles to choose from.

Holiday Fashion
If you are going on holiday this summer, you will more than likely have bought some of the 2019s trends already. These trends include vibrant coloured tops and dresses, not to mention two and three-piece collections. Mesh tops and dresses are also a very popular holiday outfit and in 2019 you should expect to see more of these items being sold. For accessories to go with these trends big hooped earrings are making a comeback as well as colourful tassel earrings. For holidaymakers, you will notice that mini bags are becoming a lot more popular. This is because mini bags are a lot more practical for carrying around the essentials you will need for the day.

Pool Parties
If you find yourself booking a holiday with your friends to one of the top party destinations, then you will more than likely be attending a pool or even a boat party. For these events, people like to get very glamourous outfits because they are popular events. Pool parties have become a lot more popular over the years and a lot of trends from last summer will be making another appearance this year. Holographic swimsuits, sequins, mix and match animal print swim-wear will be available this year along with a newly popular trend: reversible swimwear. Reversible swimwear will become a lot more popular this year because it gives you two outfits in the one which will help you to stop over packing.

Festival Looks
If you attended any music festivals last summer then be prepared for even bolder fashion statements this year. If you are planning on attending any festivals this year expect more glittery outfits and face paints, a lot more neon and animal prints along with more mesh clothing and even more denim outfits. Festival outfits and holiday outfits are becoming more and more alike. In order to save some money; clothes that you get for festivals could also make an appearance on holiday. Not only will this save you money, but it will also allow you to pack other things in your suitcase.

Winter Trends
Although it may seem like a long time away, it is a good idea to get some of your 2019 winter trends a little bit earlier whilst sales are still on. The must-have wardrobe items for 2019 include faux fur jackpots and oversized cosy jumpers.
Make sure to get your hands on some of these must-have items to make sure that you are up to date with the 2019 fashion trends!


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