How to Keep Your Kids Fashionable and Protected on The Beach

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When taking your children to the beach, you want to ensure that they are as well protected from the sun as possible. Having some sun is great and giving kids the freedom to run around and keep active is what they need, but as a parent, we cannot help but worry about UV rays. Children can be fussy in what they will wear and, therefore, finding fashionable items that will also keep them protected means having the best of both worlds. Here are a few ways you can do both.

Sun Hats
A sun hat is incredibly important, as the head is the most exposed part of the body to UV rays and is a part of the body that we cannot protect with sun lotion. If your child is a little older, the best way to ensure they will wear the hat is if they pick one that they like. For the younger children, you can purchase sun hats with their favourite TV show characters on. It’s also always a good idea to get one that can fasten around their neck or be tightened, so it stays put while the kids are running around and playing in the sand. You can also opt for a cap if your child prefers, anything that keeps the sun off their head.

There is a lot of swimwear out there for children and, therefore, it is best to find some that are not only gorgeous but are also protective. For example, brands like Folpetto sell swimwear for boys and girls that is made with UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), meaning kids can look stylish while being fully protected from the sun. If you have a set of siblings who want to wear the same style of clothes, newer brands like Folpetto have started offering a matching sibling’s range, so there will be no more arguments about who gets to wear which swimsuit.

Sun Glasses
Kids usually love wearing sunglasses, so hopefully, it shouldn’t be a problem making them keep them on. Not only are sunglasses a stylish accessory, but they are also vital in keeping your children’s eyes healthy and preventing any long-term damage in later life. When purchasing some cool sunglasses for your children, ensure you look out for ones that are both UVA and UVB protected, as this means they are the best for your kids. The best way to teach your children to be sun safe is to be an advocate and follow suit. Remember to pick your best shades and wear them too; your eyes are just as important as theirs!

Beach Wear
When your kids are finished playing in the sea, it is good to keep as much of their skin away from UV rays as possible. This means purchasing some cute and stylish beachwear for them to wear. You can purchase everything from pants to beach cover-ups for children, meaning they can play on the beach in peace without you having to smother them in sun lotion every hour. For boys, you may want to opt for a shirt and pants, the more free-flowing the better, so they can still run around and stay cool. For girls, there is everything from dresses to skirts or trousers, depending on what your little one likes to wear usually.
Looking good on the beach has never been safer with swimwear made for protection against sun rays. Letting your children choose their own swim and beachwear means they will be happier to wear it and rem

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