How to Stay Sane When Your Kids are Becoming Teenager

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As most parents will know all too well, a child’s transformation from a sweet and slightly awkward middle schooler to a rebellious teenager is a sharp turn. The behavioral changes brought on by rapidly changing physiological and psychological structures within their own body certainly have the potential to turn even the most tolerant and understanding of parents insane!

To help you deal with the hormone-fueled adolescent years of your child and come out with most of your sanity intact, here are a few key pointers that you will likely find to be pretty useful.

Understanding the Underlying Problems

It can be hard to understand what teenagers want, and they often struggle to articulate what they need or why they need it. Whether they admit it or not, they need your help and understanding to get through their problems, which include the generic ones.

Play the Parent Card with Wisdom

Amidst all those troubled times, it is quite easy and common to forget that your teenage son/daughter is not the enemy, although it may at times seem like that! Unfortunately, they often perceive their parents as being so, and parents being the adults that they are expected to be must play their parent cards wisely, so as to not become the antagonist in their own child’s story.

Make sure that you aren’t too overprotective and don’t push your teenager too far. Assert your authority as a parent with tact and only when you know that it is necessary. Give them a little freedom to take decisions and make small mistakes, because it’s all part of the growing up process.

Buy them a Car

It can be tough being a teenager, so make your child’s life (and yours) less hectic by buying them a car so they can get around on their own. This will save you time having to drive them around, and will certainly increase your teens independence and confidence. Teen drivers everywhere will appreciate their parents getting them that first car after they get their license. You can’t beat the freedom of doing everything they need to and still having time to see their friends. Be careful with the selection though, because there are certainly some budget considerations to be made here. Most importantly, it’s a proven way to establish the fact that you do care about your son/daughter, which isn’t always as obvious to them as you may think!

Whatever happens, remember to be supportive and try to listen to your teenager and work with them to ensure your home life remains peaceful. All teenagers face stress, so look out for them and follow the above tips so that they can overcome it and flourish into well-adjusted adults.

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