How to give your child's room a spring makeover

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With spring comes longer and lighter days, blossoming flowers and chirping birds. Commencing on the 20th March, spring symbolises new beginnings and it is the perfect opportunity to get your dusters out and spring clean the entire house. It might also be nice to take some extra time out to redecorate for spring. While you don’t need to re-design your entire home, it’s nice to pay attention to yours and your children’s bedrooms; especially as children spend around 40% of their childhood in bed, asleep!

It has been proven that exposure to natural daylight improves mood and productivity; you can mimic this with bright interiors and a fresh décor update. It’s out with the thick duvets and chunky throws, and in with the light, bright and airy linens.

Here are 5 ways you can give your child’s room a spring makeover:

1. Switch up your child’s bedding
It is time to put away those heavy knitted throws and thick duvets to make ways for lighter, brighter airy linens. It may sound too easy, but simply updating your child’s bedding can give their room an instant facelift! You might wish to consider a change in colour or pattern; floral bedding works well for both spring and summer seasons. Look to match their new spring bedding with carefully selected cushions – a selection of two or three complementary designs will add variety to their bed. If they are used to having a throw draped across the end of the bed, look for something a little lighter to complement the refreshed bedroom design and also to ensure they are not overheating throughout the warmer months.

2. Introduce pops of colour
Embrace colour as you plan the new look for your child’s room. Look to add pops of seasonal colour through the décor and soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws. Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year, Living Coral, is an energising and mood boosting shade that you may wish to consider, and it complements a neutral base well. Alternatively, pinks, greens and blues work nicely and will help to brighten up their bedroom space for the coming spring and summer seasons.

3. Let the breeze in
Let in the fresh air and natural light; windows will have most likely remained closed for winter but with the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect opportunity let the fresh breeze in and air out your child’s room. Make sure they open the curtains or blinds each morning, as the inclusion of daylight will lift their mood and improve their quality of sleep.

4. Rearrange the furniture
You may wish to rearrange their furniture with light in mind. If your teen has a dressing table, position this where light is optimum. If they have a reading corner, again look to set this up where light is plentiful. Rearranging the furniture is also a great way to freshen up the appearance of a room without any costly changes.

5. Pack away their winter wardrobe
Switching over your child’s seasonal wardrobe is recommended. You will feel super productive and, not having to trawl through a rail of thick jumpers to finally get to that hidden away t-shirt will streamline your morning routine. Winter clothing tends to be much bulkier, so you will need considerable storage space to be able to do this. Consider multi-functional furniture such as bunk beds for sale from Room to Grow. Neatly housing their winter wardrobe in underbed drawers out of sight for the spring and summer seasons will go along way in your de-cluttering efforts. The bedroom should be the most relaxing room of the house and clutter can interrupt relaxation and negatively impact your child’s quality of sleep.


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