Fashion Rules for Men’s Bracelets

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While bracelets might have been a feature of the fashion of all genders in many different times in the world’s history, for the vast majority of the twentieth century, and indeed the twenty first century also, wrist adornment has been a predominantly female game. But as the luxury jewellery market becomes a more egalitarian arrangement, the masculine end of the market is seeing more attention, and with attention in design comes rules in fashion. If you, or someone you know, is a gentleman considering a fashionable cuff-neighbouring set of accessories, consider the following important rules when it comes to style.

Go big, go tiny, or go home
When it comes to men’s bracelets, the middle ground is not a pleasant place to stand. A subtle strand of leather, a thin silver chain, or a gentle arc of gold can potentially offer the kind of stylish accent that marks you as paying attention to your style, but keeping your more expressive side in check. On the other hand if you want to be seen, noticed, and understand that those around you will appreciate a bolder and brasher style, you might want to consider the Roman warrior style leather gauntlet bracelets or multi chained leather bracelets. If you have seen multiple smaller styles that you like, but cannot decide between, if you can find an arrangement that stacks together well don’t be afraid to mix and match at once to form a collection. To see some really great versions of this sort of style, check these out.

Pick symbolism you’re confident in
Because there are many places and many environments where men’s bracelets are still very much not the norm, you could very well be coming across inquiring questions about your style choice, how you came to think that this particular bracelet was important enough to you to become part of your regular work or formal attire. While for some people it might be just enough to say “I thought the style was striking” or “yes, this particular pattern just spoke to me”, many other people might want to leave a longer lasting impression in the minds of those they speak to. Choosing design options that have a connection maybe to a place you’ve been, an event you took part in, a cause you believe in and support, or some other meaningful link that you can talk about with authority. This will make your bracelet not just a stylistic addition, but a real talking point that reflects your personality.

Proportional to your wrist
While the fit of a bracelet is much more about the circumfluence and the elasticity beyond anything else, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other areas of size and structure to consider when you pick a bracelet for a man. The biggest issue is the question of proportionality. Giant chunky beads, thick slabs of leather, and chain after chain stacked in a row more than an inch or so wide might not be entirely apt if your wrists are smaller, thinner, or otherwise less obviously substantial. Conversely, if you are of a bulkier build and your wrists are more aptly compared to a tree’s trunk as opposed to its twigs, then wearing thinner bands of leather, metal, or plastic might seem redundant or otherwise out of sorts. Keep a balance and strike a tone. Like all things fashion, it is as much about the interplay between clothing and body as it is about the clothes themselves.

Watches can send a message
Unlike what many other blogs and fashion writers will say, the truth is that there is absolutely no hard and fast rule about the aptness or otherwise of a man wearing a bracelet alongside a watch, on the opposite wrist to a watch, or not even wearing a watch at all but still having a bracelet. None of these options look inherently unfashionable or irredeemably ugly. However in each case, a message
is being sent and you may need to keep that in mind in the broader context of your own personality and the natural patterns of your actions and interactions with workplace colleagues and social compatriots alike. Conventional wisdom suggests that if you are going to wear a watch, it should be on your dominant hand, and on the counter-cuff, a much subtler and smaller bracelet affair should be present. However putting a watch on one side and layering that wrist up with extra bracelets while leaving the other wrist barren and empty sends a strong asymmetrical symbol of deliberate and decisive intent. The only strong piece of advice to offer is to be aware of the danger of potential scratches and scuffs if you put a bracelet with gemstones or other extremely hard materials next to a watch.

Bracelets are an extremely expressive, exciting, and interesting option when it comes to accessories, and it definitely should not be the case that this kind of style should be shut off to just one gender. With care and consideration, you can make bracelets and other jewellery a regular and essential part of a stylish and sophisticated wardrobe.


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