Isabella and the chippies

There are a bunch of chipmunks (we refer to them as the chippies) that we feed at my parents' house. Isabella thinks this is the coolest thing ever and would sit and feed them for hours (if she had the attention span...).

Here she was told that the chipmunk feeding would be documented so that she could look at the pictures whenever she wants!

Here is the chippie making his way to her:

Next comes the actual feeding of the chippie:

And finally when all the chippies were nice and full and went to go bury their stash, Isabella did her chippie happy dance:


  1. So cute! I miss chipmunks... we don't seem to have them in California.

  2. That's crazy that you don't have any in California! These guys have gotten so tame in such a short time. I still can't believe they let a 3 year old who is loud and can't sit still feed them!

  3. That's a real good candid last photo!
    So lucky there's chipmunk feeding over there.
    Don't see any in Singapore. We have squirrels and they're super timid.

  4. Thanks Fred! (actually my husband who took the photo thanks you) The candid shots are always my fav of the kids - esp. this one. The squirrels here are real timid too and I doubt they would ever come close to us...so we don't bother trying.



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