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A few months ago, I was in the kitchen making breakfast and Isabella wanted something upstairs. I couldn't go get it for her and she didn't want to go up by herself. I told her that I would count all her steps as she went upstairs and I would do it loud so she could hear me the whole time. It worked like a charm and ever since then, if she needs to go on another floor by herself, she asks me to count her steps. It happened this morning except I accidentally stopped counting before she made it back to me.

She bellowed from upstairs, "MOM! KEEP COUNTING PLEASE!"

We had all gone out for a walk one night after dinner and Isabella tripped on a crack in the sidewalk (?) and skinned her knee pretty bad. Her dad carried her back home and he put some kid bandaids on it. We have about 6 different kinds that Isabella has picked out - Spongebob, Batman, Barbie, Dora, Hello Kitty. Okay so maybe we only have 5 kinds. Anyway, this time she asked for Batman to be used on her knee and to make sure she kept the bandaids on, her dad told her that she couldn't touch them because Batman was 'doing his work'. She realized the importance of this and therefore she didn't touch her bandaids that night. The next morning when Isabella woke up the first thing she asked was 'Did Batman do his work?'. Now everytime she has on a bandaid she asks if Dora, Barbie, etc are 'doing their work'. Too funny.

Simon is still as good as ever and still never cries and never fusses and is never unhappy. He is an absolute PRO at waving. We got home last night from visiting my parents and I walked into the house with him and as always the cat greeted us and Simon stuck his hand out and waved to her like crazy.

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