Friday night dinner at my aunt and uncle's

It was a fantastic dinner as always. The kids went swimming because it was really humid and hot out. Took a bunch of photos of course and so did Kim (thanks!...borrowed some of yours Kim for this post):

Isabella was happy in the photo above because she made it out of the pool to pee...but did it standing right there...

Daddy with the kids:

Me and 'the boy':

My uncle, and you guessed it, 'the boy':

This is my aunt and uncle's dog Jewel who is the sweetest dog ever. In this pic you can see the giant cyst on her paw that is causing her ALOT of pain. She started medication to hopefully shrink the size. It is severe enough that amputation was mentioned by the vet as a solution (but she is not a young pup...). The meds had better work...


  1. I've always called my kids 'The Bean & The Boy'!

  2. lovely pics :)
    some of the faces wee chilren pull are great!
    I hope Jewels foot heals...

  3. Now that I think about it, mine are called 'The Boo & The Boy'. LOL!

    I hope Jewel's foot heals too GreenWhisper because it is going to be absolutely devastating to everyone in the family if things don't turn out.



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