Poor thing...

I guess Isabella is still really tired from our trip to the museum this morning (see next post) because as I was working on the museum post, Isabella fell asleep...on the floor...

I loudly called her name to wake her but no answer. Then I threw pillows and blankets on top of her and I kid you not, she did not budge. I should have taken pics of the mountain of stuff on top of her but I was too busy laughing...

To wake her I picked her up and sat her on the couch. She was so not amused.


  1. No kidding!...she is the exact opposite of me - the lightest sleeper ever!

  2. lol your wicked :o)x

  3. Today she fell asleep just before dinner and I didn't want her to sleep so I started throwing stuffed animals at her and she kept sleeping!!!

  4. i'm sitting here chuckling away again :o)

    .. Isabella will have so much fun reading these when she's older.. either that or she'll be seeking her revenge lol :) x

  5. I was thinking the same the other day! lol!



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